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Old Miners Days


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The Miss Clementine Pageant is one of the oldest and most cherished of the Old Miners Days events.  Contestants are judged on their authenticity in dress and portrayal of pioneer life.

Miss Clementine will be awarded a $500 educational scholarship and serve as a dignitary for the remainder of the Old Miners season.

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2016

Location: The Masonic Lodge, 385 Summit Boulevard, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Time: 6 p.m.

Contact:  John Villani, (909) 362-4246
Contestants will be accepted up to the time of the contest.

Cost: Free Admission (Donations Accepted)



With ribbons and lace and bit of “old grizzle”, it’s a fashion show like no other.  The Miss Clementine Scholarship Pageant is scheduled for Saturday, June 14.

Come watch the Miss Clementine Pageant, one of Old Miners Days oldest and most cherished events, where participants are judged on their authenticity in dress and portrayal of pioneer life. The coveted ‘Miss Clementine’ and ‘Lucky Baldwin’ will each be awarded an educational scholarship, sponsored by the Sunset Lions Club and Onyx Mining.

More than 30 entrants in 14 categories, all dressed in authentic costumes of the 1800s, will parade before the crowd, their costumes described in detail over the public address system.

This delightful family event always draw a huge crowd which cheers for the period costumes and find themselves transported back to the “good old days”, via the fashions of a bygone era.

Categories: Ages:

™ Miss Clementine ~ 16-21 years (unmarried& have no children)

™ Tiny Miss Clementine ~ 0 months – 7 year old Girls

™ Jr. Miss Clementine ~ 8 – 15 year old Girls

™ Mrs. Clementine ~ 22 years + and married Ladies

™ Granny Clementine ~ 40 + with grandchildren Ladies

™ Tiny Old Miner ~ 0 months – 7 year old Boys

™ JR. Old Miner ~ 8 – 15 year old Boys

™ Best Old Miner ~ 16 – and over Boys

™ Best Family Group ~ All Ages (2 or more members of the same family)

™ Most Authentic ~ Any Age (Must included authentic items and/or clothing )

™ Novelty ~ Any Age ( Characters ,Salon Girls, uniformes of any kind )

™ Theatrical ~ Any Age (Holiday Attire, Salon Girl, Night clothing, Indian attire, ect.)

™ Best Period Military Dress ~ 15 years + ( Military uniforms and attire)

2013-14 Pageant Winners

Miss Clementine

1st Place:  Allison Cawley (age 17)

2nd Place:  Kirstin Bennett (age 18)

3rd Place:  Dalaney Doyle (age 16)


Lucky Baldwin

1st Place:  Chad Hoogendyk (age 18)

2nd Place:  Skyler Romero (age 17)

3rd Place: Cody “Indy” Poporiah (age 18)


Tiny Old Miner 

1st Place:  Cooper Smith (age 2)

2nd Place:  Owen Allen Batts (age 1)


Tiny Miss Clementine

1st Place:  Emily Herendich (age 7)

2nd Place:  Scarlett Huffman (age 2.5 yrs)

3rd Place:  Julia Strouse (age 6)

Junior Old Miner
(8 – 15 yrs)

1st Place:  Tyson Prudhomme (age 8)

  Old Miners Days

Junior Miss Clementine
(8 – 15 yrs)

1st Place:  Shaley Bryant (age 7)

2nd Place:  Kamryn Brannan (age 12)

3rd Place:  Korie Furlow (age 13)


Mrs. Clementine

1st Place:  Katherine Frese

Granny Clementine

1st Place:  Debby Fitzgerald AKA Ms. Granny Lee (7th year winning consecutively)


1st Place:  Bryana Ray & Chelsea Marie (ages 7 & 3)


Categories with No Entries

Mr. Old Miner (22 yrs. + married)

Grandpa Old Miner (50 yrs + grandchildren)

Novelty (Miss Kitty, Military, etc)


Sandra Pool

Sandra Pool